5 August, 2005
Early 17th Century Soldiers Thrust Boldly into Early 21st Century Germany

As the good citizens of both Germany and the Netherlands were sensibly sitting down to their evening meals, an invasion force of inestimable courage and daring assembled in the Fortress of Bourtange in the Netherlands.  Fueled by a foamy Dutch beverage and braving the heavy rain, the invasion force resolutely marched east toward Germany, carrying muskets, polearms, drums and colors.  With only a single and brief pause to unload some of that Dutch beverage in the 'Wee Woods,' the rainsoaked yet stalwart force swept on to rendezvous with destiny at Germany's border.

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Swords at the ready, the column steadfastly approaches the Border.

Shock troops storm into Germany.
The German Border - now in their iron grip!
Although the body may be dampened by rain, the spirit was not.
Flushed with success (and much rain), soldiers regrouped back inside the Netherlands to return to the Fortress of Bourtange where they lifted their tankards to their glorious victory... and lifted... and lifted... This invasion did not bring about the collapse of the government of Germany, nor the breakdown of the European economy, nor did Western Civilization unravel. Nonetheless, consider Chaos Theory, which would have the flapping wings of a butterfly in Tibet ultimately lead to a hurricane in the Caribbean. We shall await events.