Moving 17th Century Soldiers

 Firing by Two Ranks, Musketeers Even with the Half File Leaders of Pike

several in sequence, the first being: "Musketeers, foremost two ranks even with the half file leaders of pike."

Should the enemy pike or horse press so close that the pikemen must be commanded to Port their pikes or even assume the Charge posture (whether it be charge for pike or charge for horse), then musketeers should fire from farther back along the pike division, the first rank - the firing rank - of musketeers even with the pike rank of half file leaders.  Although no longer at the front of the unit, musketeers can continue to inflict casualties because the enemy is so close, yet these musketeers are not easily caught in push of pike.

Warning for re-enactors:  The musketeers are behind and too close to the two front ranks of the rightmost pikemen to permit safe firing of their muskets.  Although this position was taken in battles centuries ago, men were already being killed at the time; no one then was overly concerned about a case of powder burn or tinnitus.