Moving 17th Century Soldiers



Maintain ground
(a.k.a., Chorean) -
with more that one file

"All files, by the left hand, countermarch to maintain ground!"

File leader (man in red) moves in the direction indicated.  Those behind follow and turn on the same ground. 

Although the animation has the distance between files at Order, Colonel Barriffe recommends for this and other countermarches: "The distance for Countermartch is six foot (almost two meters), or open order in rank and file."  But there may be occasion for files to be as close as Order.

Sergeant Subtelus says:

In an exigent situation to the rear of the formation, the officer or sergeant should consider having the soldiers simply face about, which is quicker than any countermarch.  Upon completion of the face about, the Bringer-up becomes the temporary File Leader.  Unfortunately, this recourse brings the most inexperienced and least armored soldiers to face the oncoming enemy.  If the commander has the opportunity, a countermarch is preferred simply to present his strongest aspect.