Moving 17th Century Soldiers

Doubling Flanks


"Half-ranks to the right, by countermarch double your left flank!"

Recall the demonstration on what makes a half-rank?  You'll need that knowledge here.  In the execution of doubling flanks, sufficient space must be provided between the original full ranks to fit in the half ranks. Of three ways to double flanks, this is the one Colonel Barriffe recommends be used.

Sergeant Subtlelus says:

Distances between soldiers apply to ranks as well as to files.  Between ranks, Open Order (six feet or two paces) is preferred while marching.  When the command is given, "March On," it would be sound practice to have the distance between ranks widen to Open Order.  Last consideration, doubling ranks should be done with stationary soldiers, not whilst marching, unless the officer wishes to amuse watching civilians.