These images are of the Sealed Knot Living History Camp at a small fair in Hereford, England, the Saturday following the Detling event.  This type of event is at the other end of the spectrum for the Sealed Knot.  A unit (or two) is invited.  The Earl of Stamford's was the invited unit but we included in a few others from a local Royalist unit.  The emphasis is on the living history camp and not on battle, although drill and cannon fire was demonstrated, and for the last act we engaged in "a bit of an argy-bargy," to use the local argot.  The locals also pronounce this town's name as "Hair-i-furd," and not as "Her-ferd" as we may as Americans (or 'Colonials,' again to use the local argot).

The little photos below are links to larger renderings for your delectation and edification.

  Click to see it bigger and better! Click to see it bigger and better! Note the dummy musket at the right.  A musketeer is not allowed to carry a working musket onto the battlefield unless that person has been certified by the Sealed Knot, which comes after obtaining the necessary British permits.  Until then, the musketeer lugs around a dummy.

I could not stop myself!  With Photoshop, I had to put this rural English background in place of a carnival midway, parked cars, etc.

Click to see it bigger and better! Click to see it better and bigger! Earl of Stamford's cannon, the 'Lady Jane'  Visitors are at liberty to walk through the camp.

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