Moving 17th Century Soldiers

A couple of preliminaries before discussions of distances

Distances provided in these Web pages need not be executed with razor-sharp precision.  Any spacing should instead be a close approximation of distance, as much as reasonably possible, especially on uneven ground.  Only a very peculiar officer or sergeant would stretch a measuring tape between two soldiers and remark: "Hey, dudes, you're, like, 94 centimeters apart and you gotta be 92."  Thought to spacing should rather be (to use an Americanism): "Don't sweat the small stuff, jes' keep it in the ballpark."

These Web pages on distancing follow William Barriffe's "Militarie Discipline: or the Young Artilleryman...", chapter 6 (1661 ed.)

The photo model used in these Web pages is little ol' me, the Web Weaver, wearing my pikeman's kit for the Earl of Stamford's Regiment of Foote.  Yes, boys and girls, those really are chicken feathers for my helmet's panache.